Thursday, July 17, 2008

When I saw my Garment walk down the runway...

The BIG premire wasn't so very big....I am sure after some people go home the fashion will start really walking!

But that table cloth dress rocked! If the girl got hungury she could cool is that?

Horray for the diaper-man for bringing something so fresh to the show. Even though I thought was easily the ugliest garment to "walk" down that runway, with courage like that, there was no way the judges were going to elimnate him. A diaper... he even had to "hand sew" it!!! (ewww.)

I so thought the trash bag lady should have got the axe...I could have made her little number in my sleep Pulheezze! It really belonged in a trash bag. :) And REALLY never want to see those strip pants that she wore AGAIN...what is up with those?

The wrong guy got sent home . Y'know I kinda was intriged by the slasher outit...what would he have made next a burial suit? Now we will never know. All and all I am hooked again! I know where I will be next Wed. Night!

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Valerie said...

oh, the "garment drama"!!

Great commentary, Big U.

You are fabulous!!!