Wednesday, July 16, 2008

A Cat Can't Help It...oh babe

There a has been a death on Woodvine this past week!

The our neighboors, the Peers, came to our house to show off their brand new baby pet bunny named nothing less than "Angel Kisses." All the kids lined up and we all cooed over the cuteness as the bunny hoped around. Along came our beloved cat Tom. YEA! We were just sure that Tom and Angel Kisses would be fast friends.

Well we got the fast part right just not the friends...Tom carefully sniffed at the bunny and we all smiled about how cute they were! Then Tom reached out his massive paw and swiped once at our dear Angel Kisses. We screamed!!! The cat ran away and the bunny convulsed. The cat ripped the jugular vain and blood ran everywhere. One long minute later Angel Kisses stopped moving. The bunny was dead and presumbly getting kissed by some angels in heaven while the kids who witnessed the event cried.
A cat can't help it...oh my!!!


Jace said...

Homicide later provided the following facts:

Cat, 1st degree, motive: instinct
Rabbit, victim of it's own cutness

Verdict: What were the Mom's thinking?! =)

Julie said...

This made me cry very large tears, not necessarily for the death of angel kisses, but laughing because you're so hilarious! The poor kids!