Saturday, December 5, 2009


Charlotte gave birth to 12 perfect puppies on Halloween. She was a great mom right from the start and all 6 girls and 6 boys growing up so quickly! We know that these cute pups will give your family a great friend for many years to come.

If you are ready to adopt a puppy, please email me at and we can set up a time to visit and chose you one that is right for your family!

Monday, August 31, 2009

myrtle we go again!


We always have a blast at Hunington State Park!

Can you see the sting ray?

Jacob...the thinker!

Not many kids give bunny ears to themselves! Way to be orginal Joseph!

Back to Atayla! What a grand old house.

Some beach time fun!

I begged...I pleaded...PLEASE FOR MOM...FOR GRADITUDE FOR YOUR VACTION...please just look at the camera and smile...

Five pictures were taken at this beautitful spot on the beach....and this was the best shot....

WHY? WHY? is it so hard to get the kids to look normal for 30 seconds...why oh why oh why...

We had a GREAT visit this year. We relaxed and got to enjoy time together. Highlights include:
Sleeping in EVERY day.

Fishing for countless hours
of the MB state park pier...or watching fishing. Jacob caught a ribbion fish!


SHOE RESCUE. Luke shoe was blown off the pier! We were able to rescue it about a 1/2 mile away on the beach. Lucky Luke! Those were his favorite shoes!

SALT MARSH CRABS We all loved this nature show! What fun little crabs!


Monday, August 10, 2009

myrtle beach 2009...the fishing was awesome!!

Forget the waves, the sand the salt water and building sandcastles, for Jacob and Christian FISHING is where ALL the fun is. (?!) To them, driving six hours to fish is SO worth it. I gues the thrill of it is that they never knew what kind of fish they would pull up. So many fish in the ocean...what could be pulling on the line?! Most often they caught some nice seaweed...but every so often they caught a fish. And to hear them who would have thought they had just won the showcase showdown on the Price is Right. The boys screaming and jumping like little girls was So much fun to watch. So I guess fishing could be FUN after all.

Just as it was time to go, Christian brought up this beauty who was the
UGLIEST fish in the sea...of course that just made it all the more cool.

Joseph caught a BLUE CRAB off of Dick's Pier!

Joseph, KING of the crabs..

Jacob caught this little fishy...but our cameraman failed to get a shot of Jacob! This catch made Christian's day. He promptly cut it up into pieces for bait. Lovely.

The boys could have fished forever.

But for the rest of the was time to call it a day. Until next year...

Sunday, August 2, 2009


Christian is always a great swimmer to watch! This year he had a nice female cheering section.... He got to go to county this year in breaststroke and his relays but decided not to go because it was on that is a real champion!

Luke was incredible this year! He now has a beasty breaststroke and an awesome freestyle. His favorite time of the swim meats was definatly the relays! He got to swim with his best buddy, Andrew. There were many pre-race chest bumps to get them fired up for the competition!

Joesph made to the end of the pool without stopping and getting DQed! WAY TO GO! He is so much fun to watch...always happy, spunky and ready to RACE! He cannot wait to add on a few pounds during this upcoming year to help stop shivering to the water during those early morning practices!

Jacob is the heart and soul of the Kotter Aquaducks! He loves all the aspects of the swim meets..the candy...the friends...the candy...the swimming...the candy.... He got to go to county this year on his team's relays!!! His team dropped 7 seconds and he really booked it for his team and made up time in each of his legs! BIG NEWS!! Jacob and I had a great day together getting up at 6 in the morning for his races and getting lost in downtown ATL for about an hour on the way back! Great times.

Jordan, our future Aquaduck, made it to one swim meet this year. She had a blast cheering on her brothers and cousins. Can't wait till June 2011 when she can join in on the fun!!

5th Grade Fleid Trip!

Christian 5th Grade trip was to Red Rock. It was highly anticipated and it did not disappoint. He loved the classes, getting wet and romping around in the mud. They left around 6 am and got back after dark. Christan's class had a fun class party afterwards. Oh the memories... And it gets better, Dad got to go with him and his cousin Taylor. WOW.

Friday, June 19, 2009

March Family Pictures

In March Kelly and Julie, my dear sisters, became brides in a beauitful backyard wedding.

We had a lot of fun setting up in wonderful Arizona spring weather.
Val and I had packed our suitcases full of lights, candles, paper laterns and all sorts of things!

It was so fun to have Chris there! Being together for those five days in AZ is a memory I'll have forever. We loved to see where we met, fell in love and married. AZ has so many happy old haunts that we got to visit.

Typical....two people working while the other supervise! :)

A double wedding under the stars.

So after we got back it was time for

We are so proud of
you Luke.

To celebrate this great occasion, we had everyone over for dinner!

Aunt Summer asked the man of the hour what kind of cake he wanted to celebrate his baptisim. His response...a CANDY CAKE....
the result....

The best candy cake we had ever seen!

Luke, you light up our lives. You are a chosen son of God. We love your laugh, your jokes and your loving heart. I am honored to by your mom.