Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Marshes and Inspriation: Day Three

What we did: About thrity minutes south of Myrtle is an incredible place called Huntington State Park. Named after the Huntingtons who donated their beauitful land to the state for preservation. We love it here. We saw for the first time salt marshes. As we watched high tide come in we were entertained by four different kinds of crabs, graceful cranes and a wonderful alligator. How great is that?

The beaches at huntingtion are like a peaceful postcard picture come to life. I could have stayed forever looking at the constant waves and watching the kids find shells. They found some really great shells and some cool animals. We dug out a hole in the sand and made a little aqaurium. Christian found a big coch shell that was still alive, a crab and a little fish.

Highlight of the Day: We got to go to some classes about different sea life and took a class that taught us how to fish in the surf...pretty darn cool.

What we Learned: We got to tour the summer home of the Huntingtons. They bulit this brick home back in the early 1900's. It inspired me to see the vision of a couple who had wealth and used it so wisely. They only used local craftsman to bulid their home and hired local people to be the servants. We got to see the whole house from the laundry room to the giant indoor and outdoor sulcpting studios. What a facintanting place...somtimes almost spooky They kinda of reminded me of Chris and I if we lived a hundred years ago, had a lot of money and were very talented...so ok we aren't much like them...I guess I just want to be!

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Julie said...

All of those pictures look like postcards, it's awesome you guys got to do so many things around there!!