Friday, July 18, 2008

Clean up Clean Up Everyone do their share!

Today we re-arragned the kids rooms! We had a lot to do..LUCKY US! Christian and Joseph are now roommates. Jacob and Luke share a room. They all worked hard. Luke spent a lot of time organizing his toys! It was really fun to watch him talk to his animals and invite them to sit in their new homes. ( FYI all his animals said "yes")

I am trying to enjoy these moments more. It can be really hard somtimes to understand that they are growing up...getting more mature. We threw out a lot of their baby toys today...werid. We are no longer that herd of babies but now a pack of boys with on girl leading the fun.

I love those boys so much. All that we went through together...I am proud of them. We are all learning and growing...becoming a stronger family one step at a time. ) Wow all that from just cleaning their rooms!)

Before I go again...I like to give a shout out to Val..thanks for being the one to read day in and day out.... :)


Valerie said...

woo-woo!! if you do you blog for no one else but me, big u, it will be worth it! loved your mothering musings... so true, so true. keep posting and taking pictures! love you all!!

YouHaveHowMany? said...

I finally got to show my kids your kids! We will have to take a picture with all of them and send them to each other so they will at least recognize their faces when we get there! :)