Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Making it big on Broadway...Day Five

Sometimes you like a break from the beach. The good folks at Myrtle Beach know this fact and have created many things to entertain you. We decided to try BoardWay at the Beach. Its is basically a large outdoor mall. We spent no less than seven hours there! What did we do? Scroll on down and take a look!

Wall-ee was awesome. Hello Dolly! The highlight of the day

At the Broadway's pier we saw more fish than you can believe!

Too bad we didn't have our fishing pole!!

Kids..you are a litte young to go cursin' for dates!

Christian...who wouldn't love him?

Jacob can always find a good spot to hang out!

This is a typical picture of the Kotter Kids...No one is smiling or even looking at me!

No matter how much I yell, plead and jump!

At the end of the day we got to play in a in ground fountain.

Joseph is a water bender

Jordan's screams could be heard waaaaayyyy out in the parking lot...I know I heard them!

Luke....having fun?

Day five....was FAB!

What we learned: Window shopping is AWESOME!

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Julie said...

This cracked me up! You're too funny Jess... but where are the pictures of you?? You should post some!!