Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Mom, Aunt Val Made Me Do It!

Well here is my BLOG!!!! I will start small but by small and simple means right?

So let me introduce you to the Kotter Crew...the people to men and women ride on the "crazy bus" everyday!!

Today we will start with Jordan!

Age: almost 2
Job on the Bus: no one falls asleep!

Jordan is our only girl and she knows it!!! She keeps her brothers on their toes. She loves babies...they all must have a diaper on. Jordan also makes sure that when we read her babies books that their eyes are looking at the page. Sometimes that could be a challenge with the babies who close their eyes!

She is a daredevil ala Jacob. She will jumping off anything she possibly can and has already beoken her arm.

Her big accomplishment is growing hair long enough for mom to put some "pretties" in. Jordan loves to dress up and look great.

Jordan LOVES life and LOVES to express her opion on every subject. (lucky us!!!)


baymom said...

Big U! You did it!! YEAH!! We love the J-Babe!!! Can't wait for more of the "bus"!

Julie said...

FABULOUS JESS!!!!! This is simply awesome, love love love it! I can't believe how grown up the young ms. J is already! Makes me miss you and your crew that much more though.