Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Myrtle Day Two

What we did: The kids woke up around seven and Chris mumbled "I feel that I got ran over by a Mac Truck..." but bravely got up to get ready for the BEACH!

We went to the Myrtle Beach State Park, an old family friend. This beach is the first beach that each of our kids saw. We have come here since Luke was a wee nine months. We loved playing in the surf and watching the fisherman and sea life on the pier.

The highlight of the day: was the end. We left the beach at 6:00.pm. and the kids were happy and tired...the perfect storm of emotions! After a quick dinner at the golden arches, we went home, and the kids watched Harry Potter as Chris and I relaxed upstairs. WE RELAXED!!!!! I read and Chris surfed the waves on the internet. We talked and laughed and put the kids to bed at 8:00.

What we learned: Repect your elders. Every year we buy ice cream cones from the store on the pier. The store is run by some old retirees...we love them. As scooping out our seven cones, the old shopkeeper kept reminding us that when we took the ice cream outside that the ice cream will melt fast. We smiled and nodded. Chris and I both thought "okay old timer we know about the heat and ice cream..." But by golly we got outside those ice creams meldted faster than anything we saw in our thrity plus years on earth. The pier got more ice cream than we did. Lesson Learned...those who gone before know more about weather and ice cream.

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