Monday, August 10, 2009

myrtle beach 2009...the fishing was awesome!!

Forget the waves, the sand the salt water and building sandcastles, for Jacob and Christian FISHING is where ALL the fun is. (?!) To them, driving six hours to fish is SO worth it. I gues the thrill of it is that they never knew what kind of fish they would pull up. So many fish in the ocean...what could be pulling on the line?! Most often they caught some nice seaweed...but every so often they caught a fish. And to hear them who would have thought they had just won the showcase showdown on the Price is Right. The boys screaming and jumping like little girls was So much fun to watch. So I guess fishing could be FUN after all.

Just as it was time to go, Christian brought up this beauty who was the
UGLIEST fish in the sea...of course that just made it all the more cool.

Joseph caught a BLUE CRAB off of Dick's Pier!

Joseph, KING of the crabs..

Jacob caught this little fishy...but our cameraman failed to get a shot of Jacob! This catch made Christian's day. He promptly cut it up into pieces for bait. Lovely.

The boys could have fished forever.

But for the rest of the was time to call it a day. Until next year...


YouHaveHowMany? said...

Did you get a new camera? Great pics and narration... so cute! I love it when my boys squeal like little girls!
Thanks for posting... I love seeing your kiddies

Kelly and Randall said...

That looks like the awesomest time! That 'ugly' fish looked pretty neat, I thought! :) I can't believe how old all your kids are getting... hopefully we'll be able to come and visit here soon!!!!!!

Valerie said...

Say WHAT?? Two posts in a month?? Hoorah!

What a great post...