Sunday, August 2, 2009


Christian is always a great swimmer to watch! This year he had a nice female cheering section.... He got to go to county this year in breaststroke and his relays but decided not to go because it was on that is a real champion!

Luke was incredible this year! He now has a beasty breaststroke and an awesome freestyle. His favorite time of the swim meats was definatly the relays! He got to swim with his best buddy, Andrew. There were many pre-race chest bumps to get them fired up for the competition!

Joesph made to the end of the pool without stopping and getting DQed! WAY TO GO! He is so much fun to watch...always happy, spunky and ready to RACE! He cannot wait to add on a few pounds during this upcoming year to help stop shivering to the water during those early morning practices!

Jacob is the heart and soul of the Kotter Aquaducks! He loves all the aspects of the swim meets..the candy...the friends...the candy...the swimming...the candy.... He got to go to county this year on his team's relays!!! His team dropped 7 seconds and he really booked it for his team and made up time in each of his legs! BIG NEWS!! Jacob and I had a great day together getting up at 6 in the morning for his races and getting lost in downtown ATL for about an hour on the way back! Great times.

Jordan, our future Aquaduck, made it to one swim meet this year. She had a blast cheering on her brothers and cousins. Can't wait till June 2011 when she can join in on the fun!!


Jace said...

i love seeing these pictures! so fun to see them without having to be there :) great little athletes these men are turning into!

Valerie said...

That was so fun to relive the glory days!!

That last one of Jordan all sweaty and crazy is my fav... :)