Friday, June 19, 2009

March Family Pictures

In March Kelly and Julie, my dear sisters, became brides in a beauitful backyard wedding.

We had a lot of fun setting up in wonderful Arizona spring weather.
Val and I had packed our suitcases full of lights, candles, paper laterns and all sorts of things!

It was so fun to have Chris there! Being together for those five days in AZ is a memory I'll have forever. We loved to see where we met, fell in love and married. AZ has so many happy old haunts that we got to visit.

Typical....two people working while the other supervise! :)

A double wedding under the stars.

So after we got back it was time for

We are so proud of
you Luke.

To celebrate this great occasion, we had everyone over for dinner!

Aunt Summer asked the man of the hour what kind of cake he wanted to celebrate his baptisim. His response...a CANDY CAKE....
the result....

The best candy cake we had ever seen!

Luke, you light up our lives. You are a chosen son of God. We love your laugh, your jokes and your loving heart. I am honored to by your mom.


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Amber said...

Congrats to Luke on his baptism! I hope you know we wish we could have been there!
Your candy cake looks great! I'll have to remember that idea!