Monday, September 15, 2008

Oh Beglaham,,,,

Just a few words on my Jacob, I feel like I do not say enough. His heart is so full of love and is very devoted to his family. He is so patient with Jordan...he can discern whatever she needs and will take however long it takes to figure out why she is crying. Jacob is the heart of the Kotter kids, is Christian's best friend, and an a great example to his younger sliblings. Second only to his ability to love others is his knack for negotating! When he is an adult, he is sure to take the world by storm. He loves science and the world aournd him. He rarely stays still so I can take his picture! Thanks Jacob for being the coolest kid around!


YouHaveHowMany? said...

what a handsome, handsome boy!! Thanks for sharing about your amazing dude!

Valerie said...

We love you, Jacob or Beglaham or whatever!!

Georgia Dodge's said...

I love the pictures of Jacob! They really capture who he is!