Sunday, September 14, 2008

and then she's two...

Jordan turned 2 on August 28th. WOW. My baby girl is two. I am so happy that she came to our family. She brings such love and life to the us. What a blessing she is. Her birthday was unique from all the kids birthday we ever had in our was girlie and I loved it! It all started with a gift sent from Arizona....

Jordan was so happy to get her birthday took her a good twenty miuntes to go through what she was given...
Aunt Val sent her a Valeire Bayless orginal...a virtual corture two year old outfit...When I put it on the first time...I thought that she would never be cuter than the day she turned 2.

A photo shoot...every girl needs one on her birthday!


After getting all dressed up...Jordan went on a date with dad! She made a good friend with the boy in the right corner...can you find him?

Later that night it was PARTY time!
Of course we had to have a YO GABBA GABBA Party!

We put on our favorite show tunes and boogied way into the to about 8:30!!!

Even though they may not admit to it...all the kids loved the Gabba songs and often had requests...even Jace and Christian!

Azure Razzale-Dazzled us with her pink robe and awesome dance moves!

Joseph looked at DJ lance for some dance instruction.

Jenna loved to dance with her balloon creations

Jace is so good...he should join the show!

Don't we have it good?

The highlight of the party was the CAKE it was a show stopper! Aunt Summer made the evening AWESOME by making Jordan this razzle dazzle cake.

Jordan loved the cake more than anyone. As soon as Aunt Summer brought the cake down she started taking some shy tastes.

She was thrilled to find that she could! In fact we had to eat the cake before any of the dancing because she just had to have it. THANKS AUNT SUMMER!

What a perfect day!


YouHaveHowMany? said...

WORK IT JORDAN!! She looks soooo grown up!!! Looks like she was queen all day long! Not that that is any different than any other day right?! :) HAPPY BIRTHDAY JORDAN!! Adorable pictures by the way.

Jace said...

i love the modeling one can tell me girls aren't born with it :)it was such a fun,fun party...wish everyone could join in the gabba gabba madness :)

Valerie said...

Jordan was far cuter than the outfit, that is for sure! We can't wait to be there for the next GABBA party!! Amazing cake Summer!!