Saturday, August 9, 2008

Let the Games Begin!!!

The games begin...

WOW!!!! What a show! The best opening cerimonines the world as known. Period.

(It makes Salt Lakes opening look a little like a ward roadshow!)

Some adjectives that describe last night show are:

AWESOME, Spectacular!, Moving, CREATIVE, Precise, Chinese, INCREDIBLE, Beauitful....

The drummers were my favorite performers, all 2008 of them.
Just to be there...I bet seeing it live, would be rocking!

To honor the Games, we had our own Olympic Ceromony!
Jacob was our torch looks like our flame is not eternal!
All the competitors getting ready to race...This one included striking "two fashion posies"
James and Joesph kicked it up for the Gynmastic competion!

Luke and Jenna took gold in this super cool game.

The Medal Count:
Kotters: 5 Jordans: 6
Hightlight of the night: The food!
We had lots of fun cooking Hot Dogs and S'mores over an open fire!

Now we just have to go sleep deprived for the next 17 days to watch the world at its best!


Valerie said...

Thank you for posting pictures!! I was hoping you would. I can't wait to show my kids your "games".

Looks like it was almost as big of a success as the opening ceremonies. Wow, that was astonishing, to put it midly! We miss you and the other J's...

Kelly and Randall said...

Oh everyone.... why do you live so far away?! That looks like so much fun!! Remember, all you have to do is convince Randall......