Friday, August 15, 2008


Best Friends Forever!
I love this picture of Haven! Jordan and Haven have not only become friends but LOVE to spend their time together! One day we looked over and saw them sitting in the basket together with their babies! What good parents they will be!

Jace and Christian also stick together! ONLY 131 days 8 Hours and 32 minutes until more BFF come!!

Cannot wait until Christmas!


Valerie said...

give us more!! how cute are those pictures!! thanks for posting the BFF's... keep 'em comin'!

YouHaveHowMany? said...

agghhhh!!! I wish we were ALL together ALL the time! Can you just imagine the CHAOS?!? I CANNOT wait.... I love the genuine smiles on the cousins faces. You can just tell they love each other

Jones said...

Oh Ms. J and the Hay babe, it's too cute! They'll be best buds for life. The bond that is naturally between everyone in the family is really lovely.
I've got to agree with Becca, we should be together. Christmas will be wonderful!!!