Wednesday, October 1, 2008


The Bayless Family are coming to GEORGIA!
( Don't they look great in a creek?)
Miracles happen everyday...and today a miracle happening to us!

John, Valerie, Taylor, Kaylee, Andrew and Ella are MOVING to Georgia!
Not only to Georgia but to Coopers Pond...will wonders never cease?

What a blessing this is!

Welcome to Georgia Bayless Family! We cannot wait to share with you the wonders of four seasons, a great ward, wonderful southern people, swim teams in the summertime, riding the school bus to school, thunderstorms on a semi-regualr basis, frogs and crickets singing you to sleep, lightening bugs, trees and FAMILY within 5 minutes ready to help or go to shopping or lunch with you anytime, anywhere. Welcome, Welcome!

Now Kelly, Julie, and Rebecca: With Valerie coming it makes me miss you three even more. I miss Julie, a former ponder, coming over and making us laugh. I miss Kelly with her beauty and all her talents. I love you Kelly!, and the Bub, who has more childeren to add to the brood! We will miss you all more now.

So I will ask you Kelly, Julie and Rebecca...



Anonymous said...

Prayer really works, doesn't it?

I cannot be happier for y'all. :)

Be the force of nature that I know you will!

Love always,

Mom xoxo

Amber said...

Georgia is definitely on my mind. Sometimes I wonder if I will ever be telling people we're moving back to Georgia too... Probably not, but it's a happy thought anyways!